Michael in Hollywood                                                                       clip artImaginary Front Doors

Here I am in my east-side Hollywood apartment near Western Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. This is quite a bizarre neighborhood were anything seems to go and one's imagination can only soar. It's an accumulation of all types of  people living on the edge of Hollywood's street culture. Every evening the local bars and lounges serve as social gathering places for the unknown and unclaimed producers, writers, actors, singers, dancers, strippers, etc. It's a real melting pot here in Hollywood and very different from what I expected. Well, what can I say, I guess I'm living among the elite artisans of the planet. My landlady treats me like her own son and the building is a unique property dating back to the early 1950's. The doorway entrance to my apartment is unusual; it's a Dutch door similar to those in Amsterdam. My lifestyle back in my Hollywood Days was that of a gypsy and nomadic wanderer.  [Click on the thumbnail photo]

                                                                     Travels in the Mother Landclip art

Michael in Canada

Here I am in front of the "Big Red Barn" during my travels in Washington and Canada. I found myself getting lost in the scenic beauty and wonderment of the Northwest Country. I will not comment here about the extreme rainfall, or my lack of knowledge concerning gardening and the outdoor wilderness. After all, my childhood years were surrounded by masses of concrete and steel back in the big city. Many of the friendly Canadians asked me the following question, "Are there tree houses and lush gardens in Brooklyn, New York?" I answered the inquiry most appropriately by saying, "I refuse to remember. I prefer to concentrate on your French cuisine, the names of your exotic beers, and the extraordinary scenery of Victoria, Canada."   

With good companions, a camera in hand, a writer's journal, and a bag of toffee snack treats, I knew my travels in the Northwest would offer new possibilities. I eventually moved to Seattle from Los Angeles after experiencing a frightening series of social unrests in LA [the Rodney King street riots]. Unfortunately, in the same year I was laid off from a fine job position due to company merger and downsizing. Like the roller coaster ride in Coney Island, I believe our lives are affected by the ripples of change which move us constantly through the ups and downs of life. Sometimes difficult circumstances can come at you like a blinding fast ball, and the bat feels unusually heavy as your feet are slipping in the mud. After all is said and done, I will once again take my turn at bat with a deep sense of humor, a respect for the miracle of life, a sense of humility for others, and cheers of thankfulness for the better side of Life.  [Click on the thumbnail photo]                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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