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Singer songwriter embellishes genre of rock & pop music with heart felt lyrics and spirited melodies    singer songwriters embrace pop rock music

Michael Alan has achieved recognition from fellow musicians and enthusiastic audiences as a creative songwriter and singer with a truly unique sound of his own. "His approach to writing is purely straight from his heart, lyrically poetic and honest, and void of sound-alike comparisons." {PitchForkMedia.com music review } His vocal style and songs have been categorized by music critics in the genre of pop / rock, and alternative adult contemporary music. Be that said, an acute listener of his song tracks can hear a blend of different musical styles in his song recordings which in essence allows the songs to cross over music genre barriers.

Michael is fortunate to have some of the finest musician producers to accompany him with song arrangements and musical backing in the recording studio. To mention a few: Ira Ingber, guitarist & bass player, recording credits with Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Bonnie Raitt, Carla Bonoff, and Captain Beefheart. Tom Kellock, piano and synthesizers, recording credits with Manhattan Transfer, Al Jarreau, Heart and Melissa Manchester. Brian Griffin, piano, composer & arranger, recording credits with Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, and Barbra Streisand. Big Brother Ernie Joseph, guitarist, recording credits with Strawberry Alarm Clock (SAC), Brian Faith Band and Black Angel Band. 

There doesn't seem to be a magic formula for writing a great song, or for that matter, a guarantee that the best studio recording will achieve notoriety by the music press or an audience. Eventually, through hard work, trial and error, musical critique, repetition and desire, a writer may develop into a singer songwriter with a style and sound uniquely personal.   

Michael began music lessons at the age of 13. He studied for brief periods of time with several teachers on clarinet, piano, and guitar. Lacking the discipline for classical music study, he eluded away from his weekly assignments. He seemed to be more interested in the rudiments of rock & roll, pop rock music, blues, soul and the art of songwriting. The young boy from Brooklyn, New York retired from his weekly lessons giving much emotional relief to his hard working parents and his patient instructors. The young lad purchased his first used guitar and song book at a Greenwich Village music store. He quickly became obsessed with learning guitar chords, chord patterns, and listening to just about any kind of music that was available including the weekly top-forty pop rock music count down.

Life on the hard streets of New York had a profound influence, both good and bad, on Michael's development. After being suspended from High School for poor grades and male rivalry (locker room boxing), he eventually graduated. Then it was off to the University of Texas for 5 years on a tight budget. Michael earned some helpful income from singing top forty songs and original songs in the local cafes and clubs. After college it was off to Los Angeles, CA where a dual career was begun. During the day Michael worked in the heating & air conditioning business, and at night he showcased his original pop rock songs through his involvement with the Los Angeles Songwriters Association.

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Michael is very dedicated to the art of songwriting. He expresses himself in a personal way sharing his deepest thoughts and feelings through his music. To quote Michael, "Sometimes on a rare occasion the music and words come together like shadows of light creating a warm sense around me. It's a feeling that you are not alone in the rhythm of life. It's in this moment that you know the hearts and souls of all people around the world are truly connected."  


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