MP3 Audio Samples / Emotional Eclipse   MP3 song downloads

        1. Keep Me Satisfied    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ It’s a life of dreams, schemes, illusions and cries from a wounded heart.]

      2. Live For Tomorrow     MP3 Hi-Fi      [ A lovers struggle through the weariness of life and a drug addiction. They are reaching out for faith.]

       3. All Night Long    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ She’s a beautiful Irish girl who is truly loved by her partner. All night long through the ages of time.]        

       4. Sheltered Love    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ The story of a sorrowful soul who walks alone through the seasons of time. In dreams he remembers his lost love.]

     5. Something To Say    MP3 Hi-Fi      [A song about first time love and infatuation. The capturing of one’s heart and soul. She’s my reason for living.]

       6. It Takes So Long    MP3 Hi-Fi      [A song about self reflection and disappointment in a world where love and lasting friendship is hard to find.]

       7. Oh Sweet Jolene    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ It’s a virtual fantasia of  50’s rock & roll. The waitress in the dinner and the rockabilly musician on the road.]  

      8. Run To The Fire   MP3 Hi-Fi      [ Deep feelings of love, joy and confidence are expressed. “Everything is gonna be all right just keep running girl run to the fire.”]                                                                 

       9. Alla Wisha    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ He’s captured by the surprise of her beauty and love. Is it real, is it magical, is it forever. She is Sister Lady Blue.]      

       10. A World Gone Wrong    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ It’s about the legal struggle for “water rights and protections” for poor people in third world countries.]

       11. Sister Mercy    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ The song reflects upon the ugliness and sinfulness of war. It’s a cry for mercy and a plea to the angels in heaven.]

       12. All I Want    MP3 Hi-Fi      [ A day in the life of the inner city ghetto. It’s a quick money deal and a breakaway to the other side.]

        13. Little Dolphin   MP3 Hi-Fi      [ A colorful expression of one’s love and devotion under the heavenly skies.] 


"Studio Musicians" on Michael Alan's recordings [to mention a few]:  Ira Ingber, guitarist & bass player, recording credits with Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Bonnie Raitt, Carla Bonoff, and Captain Beefheart.  Tom Kellock, piano and synthesizers, recording credits with Manhattan Transfer, Al Jarreau, Heart, and Melissa Manchester. Brian Griffin, piano, composer & arranger, recording credits with Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Barbra Streisand, and Syndicated radio music productions.  Big Brother Ernie Joseph, guitarist, recording credits with Strawberry Alarm Clock (SAC), Brian Faith Band and Black Angel Band.

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"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing my music. I hope the song compositions help to inspire your passions, feelings, and ideas about life. I believe we all share a common thread in our desire for a better world. May we find peace and comfort in our imaginations and bring forth the love we all possess for each other."   Michael Alan



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