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Introduction: Michael showcases his artistry as a singer-songwriter with a distinctive vocal style and a finely tuned mix of original songs that weave you inside a musical journey with emotional tenderness and honesty. As a performing musician and song writer he is influenced by multiple styles of music including pop, rock, rhythm & blues, soul, and world music. We introduce Michael's new 2010 CD release of 13 songs from Global Fish Records & Publishing; an Indie-label dedicated to promoting musical stylists with lyrical and musical expressions that communicate to audiences in a deeply expressive and thought provoking way. Michael's writing is influenced by both personal and social themes reflective of our daily lives. He's a songwriter who strives for the creative balance between lyrical content, melodic structure, and rhythm.

Michael's original touring group the Esquires toured through out Europe in the early 90's following the single song release "Here I Am" which charted well on Euro pop-rock hit radio. The group toured for three years creating a cult following marked by lead singer and writer Alan.     

The folks at Global Fish Records & Publishing believe that music is truly the world's universal language capable of bringing our hearts and souls closer together. A well composed song recorded by artisan musicians, embodied with honest and heart felt lyrics and spirited rhythms, will eventually be heard by music enthusiasts all around the world.

A personal story: A few years ago I survived a life-threatening medical condition. Iíve been truly blessed with a second chance which made me realize how fragile life is, and how special are the people we love and care about. I share with you my personal story in hopes that I might encourage you to become educated about heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of Americans today affecting people of all ages. The American Heart Association website offers a wealth of health information and discusses many options to improve personal health.  Michael Alan    

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.Global Fish Records & Publishing and Michael Alan are a registered third party fundraiser for the American Heart Association. A portion of the revenue from our music CD sales is donated to the American Heart Association affiliate office located at 710-2nd Avenue, Suite 900, Seattle, Washington 98104-1742. To learn about the association's resources and programs call 1-800-562-6718. You can visit the American Heart Association national website by clicking on their web link located on the "Selective Links" page. 

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