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 Emotional Eclipse

  1. Keep Me Satisfied  3:45.............7. Run To The Fire  4:28                        

  2. Live For Tomorrow  4:28..........8. Alla Wisha  4:24    

  3. All Night Long  4:06.................10. A World Gone Wrong  3:32     

  4.  Sheltered Love   3:40......            11. Sister Mercy  4:45

  5. Something To Say   3:25............. ..12. All I Want 4:15 

 6. It Takes So Long  4:10...........  .. 13. Little Dolphin 4:20

  7. Oh Sweet Jolene  3:02                                                                        


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Reviewer: Shawn Phillips

Sweet & Original S. P. / College Radio DJ University of Texas

Here I Am
Reviewer: Jennie Styler
I loved Boy George guess I'm showing my age. The song "Here I Am" from 1990 with the Esquires rings a bell I love it 

Reviewer: Robert Fowler

i'm not much for words - it's good music stuff i like this guy 

I appreciate originality
Reviewer: Jackie Star
I collect/buy a lot of CD's from CDBaby great prices for new music. Michael's songs and his stylish singing persuaded me. I'm enjoying it 

 Something refreshing and different
Reviewer: Jamie Rogers
I relate to most of the song lyrics. I like the music kinda open space without lots of clutter, no electronic filler. He's a pretty good singer a little bit of Phil Collins... 

Versatile singer songwriter
Reviewer: Peter Jackson
I'm a music student in Junior College and my friend who plays a little bit of guitar turned me on to Alan. I got the CD to learn some of his songs, musically interesting. What the heck my girlfriend likes his songs.

He's cute and he's got a cool sound
Reviewer: Sarah Klein
Good songs nice lyrics colorful vocals I'd like to hear some more of his newer stuff like the song Little Doplphin. My mother and I listen to his CD together sing-a-long (',')

    We saw him live in Seattle....great show
Reviewer: John and Cindy Foster
Caught his show live in Seattle with his back up group and the songs sounded just like the album nice & tight. He's also a funny person on stage lots of humor. We love the song "Sister Mercy" we have two kids and the lyrics are really moving. Just good music stuff.. 

He is original and I like his vocal style
Reviewer: Jenna Smith
I visited his website a few times and his music grew on me so I got a CD. His website was interesting it was very personal with some good stories. I relate to the song "Live For Tomorrow.".

 I like Michael's oldies but goodies
Reviewer: Richard Medford
I'm a throw back to the eighties and I like his songs done with the Esquires. His new stuff is interesting kinda like pop meets rock with a soft touch.

I ordered Michael's CD because the song "Sheltered Love" grabbed me........
Reviewer: Jason Chandler
I would love to see Michael live. His songs (lyrics and melodies) can get addictive. I like his stuff because it is clean music without all the loud guitars and electronic stuff. I am only 19 and I prefer the music of the 80's & 90's. A lot of today's recordings are sound alikes with digital processors making up the stuff. Well, I like this guy and the song "All Nigh Long" described my life....

I fell in love with the song "Sheltered Love"
Reviewer: Susan Clark
I listened to all of the songs on Michael's album after my girlfriend saw him live at a showcase in Seattle and she bought one of his CD's and laid it on my lap. What I like most about the CD is the variety of songs - they do not sound alike which happens on a lot of records. The more I listen to the album the closer I get inside the music and lyrics, which I find always interesting and enjoyable. 

Michael looks just like Paul Simon, a real double take. I checked out the photo
Reviewer: Rod Collins
I like the last six songs on the CD. They sound like the writer moved deeper into his emotions and true feelings. Kind of poetic and personal. Over all I enjoyed listening to the tracks. He is different with an original sound. 

I like this guy because he's a carry over from the 80's & 90's music scene.
Reviewer: Barbara Clark
His vocal style reflects a little bit of Seal, Boy George, Phil Collins..... The album sounds like a mix of studio recordings from different time zones. I like the song "Here I Am" it reminds me of the earlier Prince & Boy George recordings. It's a blend of good songs....I agree with the other reviewer - the lyrics in "Live For Tomorrow" are great really great, hip stuff.... 

   I'm surprised that I have not heard more of Michael on radio!
Reviewer: Judy Sommers
I found myself singing along with some of the songs after a second or third play. His songs touch upon a lot of different moods. I love the lyrics in "Sister Mercy."  He's an original all the way.... 

  We help to promote this album because of Michael's involvement with the local community
Reviewer: Bob Sanders, manager of independent record shops in
We play the songs on the CD in our music stores and the response by the customers is consistent - "The songs immediately come across to the listener. His vocals have an original style and texture. The lyrics and their vocal phrasing move harmoniously along with the melodies and beat structure. But most of all each song stands out on its own musical merit. Simply put it's quite enjoyable."